Bit of Heaven on Your Tongue!

While in Australia my awesome husband introduced me to this French pastry called a Canelé. It was originally a specialty from the Bordeaux region of France. I’d never seen or heard of one before, let alone taste one. I think the word “scrumptious” is a bit silly and you never hear it used anymore–but perhaps because we simply don’t eat scrumptious food anymore. THIS Canelé was SCRUMPTIOUS and gone all too quickly. We found this one at the Max Brenner (Chocolate by the Bald Man) in Sydney.


To learn more about Canelés, read here:



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Kangaroo Burger

Welcome to Australia! Here’s a Kangaroo cheeseburger with Beetroot Relish and Rocket at The Rocks Cafe in Sydney; this was my introduction to Australian cuisine. It was definitely tasty on the whole, but I still prefer beef burgers with the American standard of ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise. I am a beet lover, but apparently not a lover of beetroot relish on burgersThe Rocks Cafe Sydney 03 16 15 kangaroo burger IMG_4870